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50 Songs in 90 Days

2008-06-12 20:42:28 by SMA

If you're a songwriter looking to push your creative limits this Summer, the Yahoo group 50 Songs in 90 Days starts 4 July and runs through 1 October. From the group description:

"This is a group whose purpose is to challenge members to write 50 songs in 90 days. Between July 4 and October 1 of any year, in the company of others, you can engage in some harmless songwriting mayhem. The prize is the pride in writing songs that may never have been written otherwise.
Come on and give it a go!"

Moderator David Van Camp explains:

"This group is a continuation of the challenge originally started by a
Nashville exec (David Robinson, is/was VP of the Paramount Group which you
might have heard of.) The stated idea was to give people the approximate idea of
what it is like to be a staff songwriter for a Nashville publishing company.
If that's your goal, then GREAT ... if not, GREAT as well :) The most
important thing is to challenge yourself and have fun.

The idea is to write 50 'songs' in 90 consecutive days. However, that opens
the question as to what counts as a 'song' :) The original challenge defined
a song as words + music + performance. However, for most people, writing &
recording 50 completed songs in 90 days is quite out of reach. Just because
there are a few amazingly talented people here that can actually do this,
this is not the expectation of the challenge. Do the best YOU can with the
talent you have ... don't worry if someone else seems better. This is a
personal challenge, not a competition.

Valid entries may be lyrics only, music only, simple vocal + guitar / piano
/ whatever, or a full-fledged song recording (or anything in between.)

The only 'ROOL' is that the posting is intended to be a 'song', so
lyrics-only shouldn't be pure poetry and music-only shouldn't be pure
instrumental. Most (popular) songs follow one of the standard song formats,
e.g. have verses and a repeated chorus or refrain, etc. There are many books
on songwriting that discuss song formats, etc. you may be interested in
reading ... feel free to suggest your favorites if you like!

Collaborations are encouraged and count as a valid entry for each

Songs may optionally be finished-up (eg. lyrics composed & recorded, etc)
after the official end of the challenge and posted here. Indeed, in the
original challenge, the standard expectation for most people was that they
would post 50 lyrics, then pick the top 10 or so and finish them up later
(presumably for submitting demos to publishers, given the orientation of the
original challenge organizer - another completely optional goal you can
shoot for if you like :)"

If anyone here decides to participate, my user name in the group is Mal. Hope to see you there.


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2008-06-25 04:26:32

I've decided to join it. I found out i can make short loops.

SMA responds:

Cool. I found you at the FAWM-powered 50/90 site and added you to my watchlist.


2008-07-17 17:27:13

seems impossible... id be reluctant to join

(Updated ) SMA responds:

Believe or not, two people are finished already, one who writes lyrics only, and the other who's posted both lyrics and demos, and they're still at it! Machines, they are.

Five songs a week is what you need to finish. I, sadly, have posted only three songs so far, so I've got some catching up to do.